My name is Tracey.

…I’m a web and mobile developer

…I’m an aspiring blogger/ebooks author

…I’m Passionate about helping others thru technology,

…I’m a “Renaissance”Mom of 4, and Cooking Enthusiast for Over 30 Years

…And if you need a backup keyboardist…I’m there!

I’m a “Renaissance mom”of four; one is in IT, one is a musician , and the youngest two are stirring things  up on the home-front. I got the idea of a cooking website, from one of my sons.He wanted to know what to do when he finally get his own apartment. He said he needed to know “what kinds of pots and pans to get and what to cook”. So I decide to create a “cooking for non-cooks” website. It is incorporated in this website under the Tekk 1.0 section. You can also click this “link” to go directly to “Cooking for Non-Cooks” . I hope you find this website useful!

I’m a graduate of Davenport University”, and I love to play the keyboards, I work as a web /software developer, I love to be active (running, basketball, Zumba, Werq) and I love God, & my family and friends!