TEKK Studios 1.0 Homepage

What is TEKK Studios?

TEKK Means:

TEKK is simply an acronym based off of my children's first initials!

Studio Means:

An artist's or photographer's workshop or the room in which an artist works; An establishment where an art is taught; A place where radio or television programs, records or films are made; A company or organization that makes films, records or other artistic works; TEKK Studios is a place to display any form of created art by our family!

The Art of Cooking.

Art You Can Taste!

Cooking is one of my favorite art forms. A cook has to have a libray of cookbooks! Invest in cookbooks. Buy yourself one good cookbook at a time. You can buy used cookbooks at a thift shop, but I prefer amazon.com. You can buy used cook books there for 1 penny plus shipping, and the books are recent and of decent quality.Here are other sites for buying cookbooks.

-Written by Tracey Monique

The Art of Animation.

The Adventures of Billy!

Billy Carton is a character my son created and this is the place to what he has created. Hey! He may be a budding animation artist! For more info about animation, check out this Amazon.com link! amazon.com.

-Written by Tracey Monique